May 5, 2015

Baby’s Breath and Mason Jars at ShopRite

Let’s face it: grocery shopping can often feel like just another to-do. That’s why it’s important to literally stop and smell the flowers. I get a lot more excited about grocery shopping when I know I might slip a special something different into my basket–a treat beyond my basic ingredient list, for example, or a new spice, fancy kind of nut, or… a nice bouquet of flowers.

Walking out with a bouquet makes everything just a little more detail-oriented. You went shopping, after all, so why not swipe a pretty reward just for YOU on the way out? What’s great about ShopRite’s flower section is that it’s affordable, abundant, and serves just this purpose. Spruce up your home!



The flowers are fresh and varied, but I value simplicity in my home. I’m crushing over Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila) lately and couldn’t resist this big bunch of it on my last trip. When it comes to showcasing fresh flowers at home, I’m a fan of the divvying up method over the one big vase method. I have several nooks and crannies I love to find little flower buds in when I walk into a room or corner. Fancy vases are nice, but I just love little jars. Ball or Mason jars are available at ShopRite and are the perfect way to display the simple beauty of Baby’s Breath. Simply fill halfway with water, trim your flower stems to fit and place inside. Change the water or add to it every few days.

Feeling extra fancy? Pick up some chocolate from ShopRite, too and make my favorite truffles.




* * *

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