January 3, 2014

Finding Beauty in ShopRite Circulars

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One of the fun perks of being a Potluck blogger is receiving a mystery package from ShopRite every month. This month’s box was a bounty of ShopRite baking products – almost everything I needed for a busy month of baking (including Our Favorite Gingerbread Cookies).  As excited as I was about the vanilla, brown sugar and spices, I was also strangely taken by the beautiful strands of paper used to pack the box: shredded/recycled ShopRite circulars! I collected the bits of colorful paper and waited for inspiration to strike.

SUE Shredded paper box

My first brainstorm came when I rediscovered the box of clear glass ornaments I had picked up on sale at a craft store.  Remove the top of the ornament, insert a few delicate strands of the colorful paper, and voilà – holiday art!

A few days later I needed to package 12 boxes of school ornaments for teachers and staff.  Cellophane bags, shredded ShopRite circular and a little red ribbon made the wrapping fast and festive.

SUE shredded paper bags SUE shredded paper

I look forward to my next ShopRite package – both for the mystery ShopRite products as well as the new supply of beautiful shredded paper!


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a ShopRite Potluck blogger, I received this box of baking goods and shredded paper for free.