May 21, 2014

Fantastic Floral Arrangements

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I’ve been a ShopRite customer for many years, but I rarely visited the floral department. Recently, ShopRite provided me with a $25 gift card to explore the floral department at my local store. I enjoyed the experience and the arrangements so much that I will definitely make fresh floral arrangements part of my future family gatherings.

For Mother’s Day this year we hosted a small family brunch at our home. In an effort to make the occasion extra special I decided to decorate the table in our foyer with balloons and fresh flowers and use the space to display Mother’s Day Cards. I wanted to find flowers that were long-lasting, colorful and feminine.

I’m a busy mom, so as usual I waited until the last minute to gather my groceries and floral arrangements. I ran through our local ShopRite on Saturday afternoon in a frantic attempt to purchase all my groceries and flowers before my son woke up from his nap. The sales associate in the floral department helped me select a Make Your Own Bouquet. You choose three bunches of flowers for one discounted price. I separated the three types of flowers and cut the stems to fit tightly into Mason jars for a casual look. I also purchased a potted hydrangea that looks wonderful indoors today, but will end up living a long life as part of our backyard landscape in the future.

It’s been a few days and the flowers look as fresh and vibrant as the day I brought them home. Fresh flowers definitely brighten my day and picking them up at ShopRite is both affordable and convenient.


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