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Wholesome Pantry

Wholesome Pantry: So Simple

It All Started With A Simple Idea

What if you could get more of what you want by receiving less? What if we just left in the good stuff? That’s the idea behind Wholesome Pantry.

Simple Ingredients
Simple ingredients are what’s left when you take out all the artificial stuff. You know, those eight-syllable words that are used to describe artificial colors, flavors and preservatives? Gone. We removed 110 of them. Leaving you with more food in your food. Now what could be simpler than that? See below for a list of all 110 ingredients that you won't find in our products.

Our Readington Farms Chicken is now Wholesome Pantry Chicken! The chicken is the exact great product you've come to love, and in the case of Wholesome Pantry, that means being all natural, grain-fed, minimally processed, antibiotic free, byproduct-free, preservative-free, and humanely raised.

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Wholesome Pantry Organic

Wholesome Pantry Organic: So Simple.

Wholesome Pantry Organic is USDA Certified Organic. Not organic-ish.

Now, most people know that’s a good thing. But they might not know what it really means. In short, it means that a USDA-accredited certifying agent has verified that overall, Wholesome Pantry Organic operations have demonstrated they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances. For more information, visit www.usda.gov

Wholesome Pantry by ShopRite products comply with standards set by USDA National Organic Program. This line of organic products means you can be confident in the choices you're making for you and your family.

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Organic Pasta Sauce

We put in our pasta sauce what you’d put in yours: plumb, organic, vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh herbs and spices. What could be more wholesome?

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dried Snacks

With dried fruits, nuts, and trail mixes in both organic and non-organic varieties, our line of wholesome snacks has something for everyone!

Tasty peanut butter in a bowl close up on the table

Organic Peanut Butter

Crafted from peanuts grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, irradiation and sewage sludge. We’d be nuts to do it any other way.

Organic Beans

Organic Dried Beans

Wholesome Pantry Organic Dried Beans are an excellent source of fiber and make the perfect ingredient for a delicious chili or stew!

Eggs and skillet

Fortified Eggs

Our Wholesome Pantry Fortified Eggs come from vegetarian fed hens and are an excellent source of Vitamins D, B12, and E. They also have 25% less Saturated Fat than a regular egg!



We're busy adding Wholesome Pantry items to every aisle of our store! Check your local ShopRite for more great options!