Environmental Sustainability


ShopRite has been active in environmental and community initiatives for more than three decades – long before it became fashionable. ShopRite has always considered resource conservation the “right thing to do.” Read on to find out about the steps we have taken to minimize our impact on the environment and the communities we serve! 


Bag Reuse & Recycle Programs 

ShopRite has promoted bag reuse for many years. Today, we continue to provide a broad assortment of reusable bags, and all ShopRites have a plastic bag recycling bin at the front of each store. In 2013, more than 61 million bags were reused by ShopRite customers, and about 900, 000 plastic grocery bags were recycled. In fact, in the last 7 years ShopRite customers have kept approximately 321 million bags out of landfills! This means less trash was sent to the landfills AND fewer resources were needed to create new bags.Earth-Day-Challenge

ShopRite Earth Day Challenge

Each year, ShopRite conducts its own “ShopRite Earth Day Challenge.” This annual event challenges volunteers to beautify their communities by cleaning up litter from local parks and beaches, and planting flowers. In 2013 alone, approximately 3,000 volunteers – all wearing gloves and using trash bags donated by ShopRite– gathered to clean up 25 communities in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Call 1-800 ShopRite to receive gloves, trash bags and educational items for your next community clean up


Recycling Center

ShopRite is also active in keeping other materials out of the waste stream. Since 1977, ShopRite has operated its own recycling center in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The facility, which operates 16 hours a day, six days a week, recycles plastic bags, shrink wrap and corrugated cardboard. Since that time over 1.7 million tons of materials have been recycled! In 2013 alone, ShopRite recycled 128, 056 tons of cardboard, 3, 187 tons of plastics, 773 tons of newspaper, 332 tons of office paper, 48 tons of metal, and 2, 922 tons of waxed corrugated cardboard. The recycling program is continually expanding. In fact, ShopRite recycles pill bottles from its pharmacy department, floral containers, wire bound wooden crates and fluorescent light bulbs! Did you know…..ShopRite has recycled more than 1.7 MILLION tons of materials to date?


ShopRite Earth News

To help educate its customers and communities, ShopRite publishes an environmental newsletter called ShopRite Earth News. Since 2000, this award-winning publication informs ShopRite customers on how they can become more “green” through reducing their own energy use, composting at home to reduce waste and other ways they can help reduce their impact on the environment. Click here to view ShopRite Earth News 2014.


Recent Awards & Sustainability Efforts

In addition, 22 ShopRite Stores (Browns Superstores, Delaware Supermarkets and ShopRite of Cherry Hill, New Jersey) are now taking the Food Recovery Challenge and partnering with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to reduce food waste by recycling, composting and increasing food donations. In 2013, the ShopRite of Roxborough, Pennsylvania received USEPA’s national “Food, Drug, Convenience Store” Award for successfully diverting 223 tons of food waste. The ShopRites of Cherry Hill received a national award from USEPA for cutting their total waste in half in the last 4 years!