Environmental Sustainability


Did you know ShopRite has been active in environmental and community initiatives for more than three decades? It’s true!Think Green

We have always considered environmental sustainability the “right thing to do.”  Click here for some annual facts and figures.  Read on to find out about the steps we have taken to minimize our impact on the environment, and in the communities we serve!


Grocery Bags- Choose to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

ShopRite has promoted grocery bag waste reduction for many years. We are all about choice and offer three carry out grocery bag options (paper, plastic and reusable “canvas”). Reusing, recycling and reducing the number of bags used means less trash is sent to the landfill and fewer resources are needed to create new bags. ShopRite also makes it easy for customers to recycle plastic bags, along with other flexible plastic packaging including product bags, bread bags, and case wraps, by providing recycling bins at the front of every store.


Eco Superstars



A year ago we introduced the How2Recycle label on our paper and plastic carry-out bags.   It is designed to remind ShopRite customers to recycle or reuse their bags. How about making origami, a school book cover, or a pirate hat out of your next paper grocery bag? Find out more about How2Recycle at how2recycle.info.

We make it easy to recycle

 Food Waste Reduction

Did you know…..ShopRite composted more than 14,500 tons of materials in 2015 alone? It’s true! Add to that all of the food we donate to food banks and local pantries and we are making incredible progress as we reduce our environmental impact and feed hungry people.


Crazy about composting

donating unsellable food

ShopRite Earth Day Challenge

Each year, ShopRite conducts its own “ShopRite Earth Day Challenge.” This annual event challenges volunteers to beautify their communities by cleaning up litter from local parks and beaches, and planting flowers. To date, over 31,000 volunteers – all wearing gloves and using trash bags donated by ShopRite– have participated in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Call 1-800 ShopRite to receive free materials for your next community clean up!

Keep Communities Beautiful

 It Takes a Seed

Our Very Own Recycling Center

Did you know…..ShopRite has recycled more than 1.8 MILLION tons of materials to date? It’s true, ShopRite has long been active in keeping other materials out of the waste stream. Since the 1970’s, we have operated our own recycling center in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The facility, operates 16 hours a day, six days a week, and recycles all kinds of materials from our stores.

recycling cardboard

ShopRite Earth News

To help educate our customers and communities, ShopRite publishes an environmental newsletter called ShopRite Earth News. Since 2000, this award-winning publication informs ShopRite customers on how they can become more “green” through reducing their own energy use, composting at home to reduce waste and other ways they can help reduce their impact on the environment. We also include retail examples, so you know all of the things our sustainable ShopRite stores are doing to go green. Click here to view ShopRite Earth News 2016


Highlights 2016

Conservation Partnerships

Philanthropy is not a new idea for Wakefern.  One example is our “Partners in Caring Program” designed to fight hunger.  But did you know that we have helped a number of environmental non-government organizations (E-NGO’s) for a number of years? Click here to find out who they are! 

environmental leaders