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Super Iron Out
Stain Remove - Rust

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18.00 fl oz
SKU / UPC: 076168000015


Toilet Bowl and Water Tank. Remove cleaners or deodorant from bowl or tank. flush bowl. add 1/2 cup to water in bowl. scrub stained area with brush. let stand until stains are gone. flush tank. rinse water level above stain line if possible. add 1/2 cup. let stand overnight or until stains are gone. White Laundry & Fabrics Note: Do not use with bleach or peroxide. White- add 1/2 cup to warm water as washer is filling. add clothes and let soak for 5 minutes, if possible, by stopping machine. add detergent and resume wash/ rinse cycle. dry as usual. Color- test all color before using. use only on colorfast dyes. Note: wash each item separately using the white clothes instructions. product may irreparably damage colors and embroidered logos. Dishwasher/ Washing Machine. Add 1/2 cup to empty machine. run machine through normal cycle using water only. repeat as needed. Note: Do not open machine mid- cycle. Dishes, Glass, Plastic ware. Dissolve 1/3 cup in 1 gal. of warm. soak articles 5 min, or until stains are gone. rinse thoroughly. repeat as needed. exterior Surfaces First Application. all softeners on iron bearing water require Super Iron Out as preventative maintenance and to eliminate iron buildup. First Application- Dissolve 1 cup in 1/2 gal. cold water. pour directly into brine well (for softeners with no Brite well, pour directly into salt tank when salt level is low) Manually regenerate softener. repeat for heavily fouled until. regular use Add 1/4 cup per 40 lbs of salt layer for continuous treatment, Cabinet models- use for Periodic Cleaning only. follow first application instructions above. repeat regularly. Note: if taste or odor is detected in tap water, manually regenerate softener, ten run cold water until odor is gone. Tubs, Sink, Tile . Wet area to be cleaned. apply powder to damp sponge or cloth. rub lightly until stains are gone. rinse Note: not recommended for older, worn or chipped porcelain cast iron fixtures.

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