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Summer's Eve

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2.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 041608087437


When Packet Contents Are Added To The Specially Prepared Fluid, A .30% Povidone-Iodine Solution Is Provided.


Directions: Use Once Daily For 7 Days Even If Symptoms Disappear Sooner. To Use, Remove Sanitary Overwrap. Unscrew Nozzle Cap. Carefully Open The Medicated Packet And Pour Is Contents Into The Bottle. (The Contents Can Stain Certain Materials.) Screw The Nozzle Cap Back Onto The Bottle. Swirl Bottle Gently To Assure Complete Mixing. Hold Cap Of Bottle With One Hand And Grasp Comfortip Nozzle Firmly With The Other. Important: Pull Nozzle Straight Up Until It Clicks In Place. This Indicates That Nozzle Is Locked And Ready For Use. (Unit Is Not Ready For Use Until You Hear This Click.) Gently Insert Nozzle Into Your Vagina, No More Than 3 Inches, And Slowly Squeeze Bottle. Do Not Close The Vaginal Opening; Douching Solution Should Flow Freely Out Of Vagina. Use While Sitting On The Toilet, In The Tub, Or While Standing In The Shower.

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C. B. Fleet Company, Inc.

Safety Warnings

Warning: Douching Does Not Prevent Pregnancy. Do Not Use During Pregnancy Or If Nursing A Baby Except Under The Advice And Supervision Of A Physician. If Symptoms Persist After 7 Days, Discontinue Use And Consult A Physician. If Douching Results In Pain, Soreness, Swelling, Redness, Itching, Excessive Dryness Or Irritation, Discontinue Use. An Association Has Been Reported Between Frequent Douching And Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (Cid), A Serious Infection Of The Reproductive System. It Is Not Currently Known Whether Frequent Douching Is Causally Related To Cid, But Women Should Be Aware Of This Association. Douching Should Not Be Used For Self-Treatment If You Have Symptoms Of Cid Or Std. Cid Symptoms Include Lower Abdominal Pain, Fever, Chills, Nausea, Vomiting, And/Or A Pus-Like Yellow Cervical Discharge. Std Symptoms Include Vaginal Discharge Of An Unusual Amount, Color Or Odor; Painful And/Or Frequent Urination; And Genital Sores Or Ulcers. If You Have Any Of These Symptoms Or Suspect You May Have Been Exposed To A Std, Do Not Use This Product, Or Any Douche, And Consult A Physician Immediately. Women With Iodine Sensitivity Should Not Use This Product. Keep This And All Drugs Out Of The Reach Of Children.