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Rug Doctor
Upholstery Cleaner


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32.00 fl oz
SKU / UPC: 074999011286


Prior to Use: Apply small amount on an inconspicuous area. Blot with white, absorbent cloth after one minute and check for color transfer. user assumes all risks. (1) Mix 1 part Rug Doctor Upholstery Cleaner to 8 parts warm water, or 2 cups per gallon of hot (do not use water hot enough to scald or burn skin) tap water in cleaning (hot water extraction) machine. (2) Use with Hand Tool for best results. Important: (3) Add 2 or 4 oz of Anti-Foam to the recovery tank or vacuum inlet of hand tool before and periodically during cleaning. This will prevent suds build-up and ensure optimal vacuum pressure.

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Rug Doctor

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