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Rug Doctor
Spot & Stain Remover


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24.00 fl oz
SKU / UPC: 074999040217


Prior to Use: Apply a small amount in an inconspicuous area. Blot using a white, absorbent cloth after one minute and check for color transfer to be sure surface is color-safe. User assumes all risks. 1. Remove any solids or excess liquids. 2. Generously spray area. 3. Lightly agitate stained area working from edges toward center. 4. Blot with paper towel pressing deep into stain. (Difficult stains may require a second application.) 5. Rinse with water and blot to dry.

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Rug Doctor

Fenton, MO 63026

Safety Warnings

May cause irritation to eyes. In case of eye contact - flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, consult a physician.