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Oven Bags - Large Size



5.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 010900005319


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. (for roasts use 325 degrees F.) Never exceed 400 degrees F. 2. Add 1 tbsp. flour to bag and shake to avoid bag bursting. Place bag in baking pan with opening towards wide side of pan. Use pan at least 2 inches deep. 3. Place food in bag. Remove ties from cooking chart insert; close bag with nylon tie. Cut six 1/2-inch slits in top of bag for steam to escape. Tuck ends of bag in pan. 4. Place pan in oven, allowing room for bag to expand during cooking without touching heating elements, walls or racks. Oven bag should not hang over pan. 5. Bake according to recipe or chart. To serve, carefully cut open top of oven bag. Always support bag with pan.

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Alcoa Consumer Products/Alcoa Inc.

P.O. Box 85583, Richmond, VA 23285-5583

Safety Warnings

Do not use with countertop Electric Roaster Ovens.