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Pie Plate



1.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 071160010031


Failure to follow these instructions can cause immediate or later breakage which can result in personal injury or property damage. No stovetop, broiler, toaster oven, microwave browner or any direct heat source. Avoid impact. Avoid severe temperature changes. Do not add liquid to a hot dish or place dish on cold or wet surfaces, use dry pot holders. Do not use Pyrex items in microwave to hold or support popcorn bags. Microwave convenience foods with special browning wrappers, etc. Do not use harsh cleansers, scouring pads, or any object that will scratch the glass. Do not use or repair any item that is chipped, cracked, or noticeably scratched. Uses: Use in microwave, convection, or preheated conventional oven. Add a small amount of liquid to the dish prior to baking foods that release liquids while baking. Care: Allow glass to cool before soaking.

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