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Microwave Popcorn - 100 Calorie Homestyle

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11.00 oz
SKU / UPC: 023896177939


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 3 tbsp
Servings Per Container 1
Amount Per Serving
Calories 110Calories from Fat 30
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 3g5%
Saturated Fat 1g7%
Trans Fat 0g 
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 290mg12%
Total Carbohydrate 20g7%
Dietary Fiber   13%
Protein 3g 
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
Iron 4%


Whole Grain Popcorn, Fractionated Palm Oil, Salt, Soybean Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Color Added, Nonfat Milk, freshness preserved by TBHQ. Contains Milk Ingredients.


Microwave and listen for popping to slow down: Most bags will be done in less than 3 minutes (some bags will be done in as few as 1 minute). Do not use popcorn button. Center bag on turntable or floor of microwave. Set power on high for 3 minutes and...Stop microwave when popping begins to slow down (about 2 seconds between pops). Open carefully: Bag is hot! Pick up bag from top. Open away from face and body. See bag for complete directions. Important tip: For best results, do not use your microwave's preset popcorn timer.