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Liners - Pre Sterilized Disposable


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50.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 078300055341


For Use with a Playtex Nurser: 1. Open package at bottom, remove liner. 2. Place liner into nurser and fill. 3. Pull nipple through retainer ring and screw onto nurser. 4. Discard after single use. Note: Do not allow sharp objects such as fingernails or rings come into contact with the liner. Warming: Ether: A. Warm liquid in the assembled nurser by placing nurser under hot tap or in a pan of warm water removed from heat source; Or: B. Before pouring into assembled nurser, warm liquid in separate container and cool to lukewarm (at least 15 minutes if boiled). Always test liquid temperature on inside of wrist before giving to baby.

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Playtex Products, Inc.

P.O. Box 1400 Dover, DE 19903

Safety Warnings

Failure to follow the instructions below may cause the liner to burst, spilling hot liquid & causing injury. Do not boil any liquid, heat in microwave oven or sterilize inside th liner or nurser. Do not heat nurser directly on a heat source. Do not shake or mix contents of nurser while liquid is hot. Do not give nurser to baby if hot to the touch. To avoid injury, do not let baby walk with nurser. Do not put baby to bed with nurser. Prolonged contact with liquids may cause severe tooth decay. Ask your doctor or dentist for more information.