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30.00 ct
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Select an area you wish your puppy to eliminate. Unfold pad and place on the floor with the plastic side down. Discard soiled pad and replace with a clean one for your puppy. 1. Place your puppy on the pad throughout the day to familiarize them with the attractant. 2. As soon as your puppy goes on the pad immediately reward them with praise and a treat for good behavior. 3. Quickly replace the soiled pad with a new one. 4. If your puppy eliminates somewhere other than the pad simply place them back on the pad and encourage them to eliminate there. 5. Once your puppy is trained inside you can begin teaching them to eliminate outside. Begin moving the pad towards the door and eventually to the outside area you would like your puppy to go.

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Safety Warnings

Keep plastic bags away from children and pets to avoid suffocation.