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Citronella Bucket


23.00 oz
SKU / UPC: 046500711701


Active ingredients: Oil of Citronella 0.5%, Other ingredients*: 99.5% total: 100%. *Soy Bean Oil, Palm Oil, Paraffin Wax.


Read before use: For outdoor use only. Do not use indoors or in enclosed areas such as garages or porches. Place candles at least 18 inches apart. Keep wick trimmed to 1/2 inch or less at all times. Keep candle free of matches or other foreign matter which can catch on fire. Never leave burning candle unattended. To extinguish: Smother flame with a non-flammable object such as a candle snuffer. Do not blow out or use water to extinguish candle. Do not place lid on top of container while candle is burning. Do not reuse this container.