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Antiseptic Liquid Bandage

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1.00 fl oz
SKU / UPC: 375137703316


Pyroxylin-Solution, Alcohol 6.7%, Oil Of Cloves, 8-Hydroxyquinoline.


Thoroughly Clean Affected Area With Soap And Water. Dry. Apply A Coating Of New-Skin. Let Dry. A Second Coating May Be Applied For Extra Protection. New-Skin May Be Applied As Necessary. A Standard Coating Will Last 24-48 Hours. Do Not Apply In Conjunction With Other First Aid Products, Lotions, Drugs, Or Creams. May Temporarily Sting Upon Application.

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Medtech Laboratories, Inc.

Safety Warnings

For Use On Minor Cuts And Abrasions Only. Do Not Apply To Infected Area Or Wounds That Are Draining. Consult Physician. For Deep Cuts, Serious Bleeding, Puncture Wounds, Or Applications Over Sutures; If Diabetic Or Have Poor Circulation; If Redness, Swelling Or Pain Persists Or Increases, If Infection Occurs. Intentional Misuse By Deliberately Concentrating And Inhaling Contents Can Be Harmful Or Fatal. For Topical External Use Only. Keep Away From Eyes And Other Mucous Membranes.