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Pourer - Aerating


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1.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 022578100777


Try This Side-By-Side Test: Pour about four ounces of red wine into a glass from a freshly opened bottle. Then insert the Rabbit Aerating Pourer in the bottleneck and pour the same amount into a second glass. Notice aeration happening as the wine swirls through the Aerating Pourer before it reaches the glass. Raise the first glass to your nose, sniff it and taste it. Then do the same with the second glass. You will find the bouquet of the wine in the second glass is more vivid and its taste more agreeably complex, with a stronger finish. That will be reason enough to use the Rabbit Aerating Pourer whenever you serve red wine. Care: Before first use: Wash in soapy water. For easy cleaning, separate the clear plastic lid by twisting clockwise. Wash by hand, not in dishwasher.

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