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Breastmilk Storage Bags



50.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 044677204507


Directions for use: open tissue pack dispenser unit by pulling apart at marked perforation in the center. Open each storage bag by tearing away the plastic tab and pulling the two zippers apart. Pour breastmilk into bag. To preserve freshness and avoid freezer burn, squeeze air out of bag before sealing. Seal the bag.The double zipper seal provides added assurance of an airtight seal. Ensure the bag is completely sealed by running your fingers along each zipper. Use a ballpoint pen or pencil to date bag. Note: a felt marker can smear when wet.Thawing: Place sealed bag in warm tap water. Do not put in boiling water, microwave, or on a stovetop. Once thawed your milk may separate. This is normal as human milk is not homogenized. Transfer milk into desired feeding container using convenient pour spout. Always safely discard Lansinoh breast milk storage bags and tabs.See insert for more detailed instructions.

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