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Squirrel/Critter Food

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10.00 lb
SKU / UPC: 071859135151


Ingredients: Corn, Oil Sunflower, Whole Peanuts, Striped Sunflower, Artificial Apple Flavor.


Feeding hints: Kaytee Squirrel & Critter Blend is an excellent food source for squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, raccoons, deer, geese, pheasants, ducks, turkeys and other backyard wildlife. If you want to help keep squirrels and other animals away from your bird feeders, place Kaytee Squirrel & Critter Blend a distance away from all bird feeders. Provide food year-round. Supply a constant source of fresh water. Directions for use: Keep feeders filled with fresh food. Discard old food before refilling and clean feeders regularly to minimize mold and bacteria. This product is only intended for feeding wildlife. Storage instructions: Reseal package and store in a cool dry place, preferably in a sealed container. This will protect against insect infestation that can naturally occur with any whole grain seed product.