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Goo Gone
Magic Clear Flow

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8.00 fl oz
SKU / UPC: 070048360084


For sensitive skin, wear household rubber gloves. Use product over sink to control splashing. Avoid dripping on other surfaces. Rinse sink after using Clear Flow. Steam & Spray Iron: 1. Iron should be cold. Do not plug in iron at any time during cleaning process. 2. Empty reservoir by shaking over sink. Fill reservoir with Clear Flow. 3. Set iron flat on rack in bottom of empty sink to allow space for holes to drain. Set iron for steam; press spray button repeatedly. Shake iron occasionally to loosen deposits and promote drainage of cleaner through steam holes. 4. Fill iron with warm water and shake to empty. Repeat. Clean periodically to maintain iron. Automatic Drip Coffeemaker: 1. Empty coffeemaker of filter and coffee before cleaning. Pour one-half bottle of Clear Flow into decanter and fill with cold water. Then fill coffeemaker reservoir with solution. 2. Brew solution through coffeemaker into decanter and dispose of cycled solution down drain. 3. Rinse coffeemaker by cycling clean, cold water through coffeemaker. Discard down drain. Repeat process. Rinse decanter. Clean monthly to maintain. Vaporizer, Humidifier or Showerhead: 1. Unplug humidifier or vaporizer. Remove showerhead. 2. Pour entire bottle of Clear Flow into vaporizer or humidifier reservoir. Submerge showerhead in a ceramic, glass, or plastic container of Clear Flow. 3. Soak 4 hours, gently stirring occasionally. 4. Pour used solution down drain. 5. Rinse reservoir or showerhead in warm water. Wash container with soap and water. Repeat cleaning processes as needed.

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