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Grounding Adapter

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2.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 043180566805


Installation Instructions: This adapter permits the 3-prong plug of grounding cords to be connected to grounded 2-slot outlets for the continuation of grounding protection. The safety grounding path is completed by fastening the green tab under the metal wall plate mounting screw. Before using, determine if the wall plate screw is grounded by consulting your electrician or by using a GE2598 circuit tester. Carefully insert one lead of the circuit tester into the narrow outlet slot and touch the other lead to an unpainted portion of the wall plate screw. If neon bulb does not light do not use the adapter with this receptacle.Polarized Alignment: The adapter has one wide blade and will fit only into one side of a duplex outlet when green tab is positioned under wall plate mounting screw.

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GE Home Electric Products, Inc.

Safety Warnings

Risk of electric shock. Grounding protection will not exist if adapter is improperly connected. Always attach green grounding tab to a grounded wall plate screw. Do not use with extension cords or ungrounded 2-slot outlets.