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Easter Unlimited
Egg Coloring Kit - Speckled

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1.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 023167017148


Liquid Egg Dyes: Purified Water, Maltodextrim, Hydrozyethylcellose, Quaternium-15, Certified Food Colors including FD&C Yellow No. 5, Methylparaben, Citric Acid.


Helpful hints: 1. Read instructions before coloring eggs. 2. Hard boil clean white eggs in enamel, stainless steel or glass pan. (Do not use aluminum or iron). 3. Use back of box as a drying tray. Dry extra eggs in cardboard egg carton. 4. Dyes are super concentrated. The less dye on sponge, the better the results. Create single color eggs first. Let dry thoroughly before adding second color. To color speckled eggs: 1. Punch out perforated sections on back of box. Use puzzle pieces. Use rectangular section as a holder for coloring palette. 2. Open dye packets one at a time. 3. Squeeze liquid egg dye into palette. One color per well. 4. Separate sponges and dip into dye. 5. Wipe excess dye on edge of palette. The less dye you use, the better the results. 6. Gentle dab egg with sponge. Let dry.

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