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Stix Firestarters


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12.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 041137006428


Instructions for lighting a BBQ fire: use 1/2 a firestarter stick per 2lb of charcoal. One package will light 12-24 BBQ fires. 1. use 1/2 of a stix(tm) firestarter stick for each 2lbs of charcoal. Break off one (1) section from the block of six. Break that piece in half. (Store the remaining firestarter pieces in a reclosable bag for future use. 2. place the 1/2-piece on the bottom of the grill (under the charcoal grate). (If the grill has a flat bottom, break off two small pieces from the ends of the 1/2-piece and use them as supports under the larger piece to allow air flow under the starter material.) 3. replace the bottom grate and arrange charcoal briquets in a pile on the grate. Light the starter through the grate with a utility lighter or long-stem match. 4. begin cooking after the majority of the briquets have ashed over.