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5.00 lb
SKU / UPC: 041137001478


For a safe and long-burning fire, follow instructions carefully. Open fireplace damper before lighting firelog. Burn firelog on supporting grate to rear of fireplace. Grates with bar spacing greater than three inches do not provide adequate support and may result in firelog breakage, flare-up, and/or reduced burn time. Do not burn firelogs on andirons. Burn only one firelog at a time, and never add anything to an existing firelog fire. Do not burn firelog with any other materials. Close wire mesh protective fire screen when burning firelog. Always leave fireplace glass doors open while firelog is burning unless fireplace manufacturer's instructions indicate otherwise. Never leave any fire unattended, nor allow children to play near fire. Keep animals safely from fireplace and firelogs. Lighting Instructions: Place firelog (use only one) at the rear of the fireplace on supporting grate with arrows pointing downward and seam facing room. Light the seam below each arrow. Close fireplace screen.

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