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Yo-Yo - Imperial



1.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 071617032692


Get Ready to Yo-Yo: Let yo-yo hang to the floor. Tie a loop in the string at the level of your belly button. Cut off extra string. Pull string up through loop to make the slip knot that holds the yo-yo tight to your middle finger. Wind the string slowly and loosely around axle until it catches, then wind tight. With your palm facing up, the string should go over the top of the yo-yo. To throw: Make a muscle with your yo-yo arm Extend your arm straight out in front of you with force. Release the yo-yo with your palm facing up. Turn your palm over to catch. Throw hard and be sure not to twist your palm over until after you release the yo-yo. If you stop your arm before yo-yo reaches bottom of string, you'll have a sleeper - the basis of most advanced tricks. For Serious Players: The more skilled you become, the quicker you wear out strings. Replace them whenever they become worn, broken, or dirty.

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