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Dishwasher Magic
Dishwasher Cleaner - Citrus



12.00 fl oz
SKU / UPC: 687618120124


Active Ingredient Citric Acid: 25.0 Other Ingredients: 75.0 Total 100 %.


Please read carefully before using. must be used with empty dishwasher. Remove cap. Do not remove wax plug, which will dissolve when the water temperature reaches 125 f (dispensing the cleaner). Place bottle upside down inside the silverware basket or in secure position in the bottom rack. do not use with any soap or dishwasher detergent. close dishwasher door, set to normal wash cycle and start dishwasher. Note: for best results, run hot water tap nearest dishwasher until water is hot before starting normal wash cycle. after full cycle is complete and dishwater is off, remove and discard bottle. for heavy build up a second application of dishwasher magic may be required. use dishwasher magic once a month or more frequently if required to prevent buildup.

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