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Ready Mixed Baitbits

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12.00 oz
SKU / UPC: 019200002028


Active Ingredients: Brodifacoum 3-[3-(4'-Bromo-{1,1'-Biphenyl}-4-YL)-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydro-1-Naphtalenyl]-4-Hydroxy-2H-1-Benzopyran-2-One (0.005%). Inert Ingredients (99.995%).


It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Read this entire label and follow all use directions and use precautions. Do not expose children, pets, or other nontarget animals to rodenticides. To help prevent accidents: 1. Store product not in use in a location out of reach of children and pets. 2. Apply bait in locations out of reach of children, pets, domestic animals and non-target wildlife, or in tamper-resistant bait stations. These stations must be resistant to destruction by children under six years of age and must be used in a manner that prevents such children from reaching into bait compartments and obtaining bait. If bait can be shaken from stations when they are lifted, units must be secured or otherwise immobilized. Even stronger bait stations are needed in areas open to hoofed livestock, raccoons, bears, other potentially destructive animals, or in areas prone to vandalism. 3. Dispose of product container, and unused, spoiled, and unconsumed bait as specified on this label. Selection of Treatment Areas: Determine areas where rats or mice will most likely find and consume the bait. Generally, these are along walls, by gnawed openings, in or beside burrows, in corners and concealed places, between floors and walls, or in locations where rodents or signs of rodents have been seen. Remove as much alternative food as possible. Use tamper-resistant bait stations wherever necessary. Application Directions: The amount of bait contained in the trays in this box is unlikely to be sufficient to kill more than 3 to 12 rats. More than one box may be needed to control larger infestations. To Control Norway and Roof Rats: Place 1-4 bait trays per placement. Space placements at intervals of 15-30 feet in infested areas. If trays are not fed from for 5 consecutive days, relocate them to other places where rodent activity exists and where placements consistent with the requirements of this label can be made. Maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh bait for at least 10 days. To Control House Mice: Open tray and apply 1/4 - 1/2 oz. (1-2 level tablespoons) of bait at 8 to 12 foot intervals in infested areas. Larger placements (up to 2 ounces) may be needed at points of extremely high mouse activity. Maintain a supply of fresh bait for at least 15 days. Check bait locations every 2 days for signs of feeding. Replenish bait if more than 1/2 of the original amount has been removed by rodents. Replace contaminated or spoiled bait immediately if rodent activity is still evident. Collect and dispose of all dead animals and leftover bait properly. To prevent reinfestation, limit sources of rodent food, water and harborage as much as possible. If reinfestation does occur, repeat treatment. Where a continuous source of infestation is present, establish permanent bait stations and replenish as needed. Storage and Disposal: Storage: Store only in original container, in a dry place inaccessible to children and pets. Disposal: Do not reuse container. Securely wrap container and any unused bait in newspaper and discard in trash.

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