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48.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 072437096017


Hot Tea- Use 1 Tea Bag Per Cup. Bring Fresh Cold Water To A Boil And Pour Over Tea Bag. Brew From 3 To 5 Minutes According To Desired Strength. Remove Tea Bag And Serve With Sugar, Lemon Or Milk. Ice Tea- Use 3 To 5 Tea Bags For Each Quart Of Boiling Water (3 For Mild Flavor Or 5 For Full Flavor). Brew For 5 Minutes Remove Tea Bags, Sweeten If Desired And Pour Over Ice. Sun Tea- Place 9 To 12 Tea Bags In A Gallon Jar Of Water (9 For Mild Flavor Or 12 For Full Flavor) Cap Loosely And Place In The Sun For 3 To 4 Hours. Remove Tea Bags And Serve With Ice Or Refrigerate For Later.

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