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Bar Keepers Friend
Cleanser & Polish With Mild Abrasives

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12.00 oz
SKU / UPC: 071618115103


Sprinkle BKF on a thoroughly wet cloth and rub gently. If applying BKF directly to metal, porcelain or plastic, make certain surface is wet-then rub gently until rust or discoloration disappears. Rinse. For difficult steins, rust spots, tarnished surfaces make a paste by adding a few drops of water to BKF. Let paste remain on stain no longer than one minute before rubbing. Rinse immediately. Bathroom: Cleans and shines tile grouting, sinks, baths, toilet bowls, and chrome fixtures. Kitchen: Removes stains from porcelain and stainless steel sinks, ceramic cookware, plastic dishes, stove tops, tea cups, copper bottoms and countertops. General Household: Cleans fiberglass, stainless steel, imitation marble, and porcelain sinks, tubs, tile, glass-ceramic cooktops, chrome, copper and brass. Removes rust and discolorations from stone and masonry. Removes rust discoloration from bumpers and automobile chrome. Cleans white sidewalls. Note: May etch some finishes, such as older porcelain. Test a small area first. May discolor some colored grout. Do not use on gold, silver, or lacquered surfaces. For brushed finishes, polish in the direction of the brushlines.

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