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Armor All
Extreme Tire Shine Gel


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18.00 fl oz
SKU / UPC: 070612779601


1. Shake well before use. 2. Unscrew cap and remove foil seal before dispensing. 3. Squeeze gel into groove on gel control applicator. 4. Spread evenly around tires. Note: Shine will intensify over the next few minutes. For Best Results: First wash or rinse excessively dirty tires and allow them to dry thoroughly. Tips & Tricks: For ultimate control, use the foam applicator to apply Tire Shine Gel directly on tires. Disposal: Offer empty container for recycling. If recycling is not available, discard container in trash.

Other Info


The Armor All/STP Products Company

1221 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612

Safety Warnings

Attention: Use only on sidewalls, not treads. Avoid putting product on treads, brakes or floors. Do not use on cycle tires. Keep out of reach of children.