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Arm & Hammer
Baking Soda - Pure



16.00 oz
SKU / UPC: 033200011101


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 0.125 tsp
Servings Per Container 806
Amount Per Serving
Calories 0Calories from Fat 0
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g0%
Sodium 150mg6%
Total Carbohydrate 0g0%
Protein 0g 
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
Iron 0%


Sodium Bicarbonate. Active ingredients - Purpose: Sodium Bicarbonate 100% - Antacid.


Add 1/2 teaspoon to 1/2 glass (4 fl. oz.) of water every 2 hours, or as directed by physician. Dissolve completely in water. Accurately measure 1/2 teaspoon. Do not take more than the following amounts in 24 hours: Seven 1/2 teaspoons. Three 1/2 teaspoons if you are over 60 years. Do not use the maximum dosage for more than 2 weeks. Other information: Each 1/2 teaspoon contains 616mg sodium. Do not purchase if box has been opened or shows signs of tampering. Change every 30 days. Write the date that is 30 days from opening the box. Use a new box each month for fresher tasting food.

Other Info


Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

469 N Harrison Street Princeton, NJ 08543-5297

Safety Warnings

Ask a doctor before use if you have a sodium restricted diet. Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you are taking a prescription drug. Antacids may interact with certain prescription drugs. Do not administer to children under age 5. Stomach warning: to avoid serious injury, do not take until powder is completely dissolved. It is very important not to take this product when overly full from food or drink. Consult a doctor if severe stomach pain occurs after taking this product. Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms last more than 2 weeks.