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Air Wick
Scented Oil Refill - Vanilla Passion

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0.71 fl oz
SKU / UPC: 062338803524


1. Unplug warmer and remove empty bottle. Unscrew cap from new bottle, insert with firm click into warmer. 2. Plug warmer upright into outlet. Rotate plug if necessary. 3. To prevent leakage, do not plug in sideways or upside down. 4. Adjust fragrance intensity to desired setting. Largest dot = Max.

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Reckitt Benckiser Inc.

Parsippany, NJ 07054-0224

Safety Warnings

Risk of electrical shock. This product is not a toy. Intended for adult use only. Use only in properly functioning 120 volt electrical outlet. Do not use with extension cord. To avoid damage, do not place fragrance oil bottle or cap on finished wood surfaces or place any object within 12 inches above warmer. Do not plug anything in above it. Do not disassemble warmer unit or modify the plug in any way. Use this refill bottle only in Air Wick Scented Oil warmer unit. Keep out of reach of children. Eye irritant. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands after handling. Contains fragrance oils. First Aid Treatment: If in eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician or Poison Control Center immediately.