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Sustainable Seafood – Ensuring supplies for years to come

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), there has been a global decline in commercial fish populations.  And as consumer demand for seafood rises, commercial fish stocks are at risk of being depleted.  ShopRite’s primary seafood supplier, Wakefern Food Corp., has increasingly sourced “sustainable seafood.”  Whether farmed or wild caught, we want you to know what we’re doing to ensure that the environment and fish populations continue to thrive.


Sustainable seafood is seafood that is raised, caught and harvested in a manner that protects fish populations and their environments.  Ensuring the long-term sustainability of the world’s seafood resources not only impacts fish stocks, it’s also critical to preserving the livelihoods of fishermen, fishing communities and seafood businesses.


Wakefern Food Corp., operates its own Grade A seafood processing facility and has partnered with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) to provide assurance to our customers that our wild-caught and farm-raised seafood is obtained from certified, sustainable fisheries and farms. 


The farming of seafood under controlled conditions, known as aquaculture, accounts for 43 percent of the world’s seafood. The GAA is dedicated to promoting environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture and to providing a safe supply of seafood to meet ever-increasing global demand.


Wild-caught sustainable seafood is obtained by fishing methods that protect plant life and prevent the unintended catch of other fish species. The MSC’s fishery certification program and seafood eco-label recognize and reward sustainable fishing to promote the best environmental choice in wild-caught seafood.


ShopRite is proud of the affiliations we have with those who meet sustainable seafood certifications and standards and we’re committed to keeping seafood plentiful and safe for generations to come.



Posted 3/6/14