ShopRite Mobile Scan Terms and Conditions

Wakefern Food Corp., owner of the ShopRite® brand, strives to offer ShopRite customers the latest technology improving the ease and convenience of the shopping experience. By clicking “I agree” you expressly agree to the following terms and conditions for the ShopRite Mobile Scan application:

  • The ShopRite Mobile Scan service is available only to customers with a valid ShopRite Price Plus® Club card and valid proof of identification.
  • ShopRite reserves the right to rescan items for auditing purposes. If the rescan calculates a different total, you will be required to pay the total calculated by the rescan.
  • Proof of age will be required for all tobacco and alcohol purchases.
  • The ShopRite Return Policy and ScanRite Policy apply to items purchased using the ShopRite Mobile Scan application. See the customer service desk at your ShopRite store for more details.
  • You agree to inform ShopRite as soon as possible of a name or address change.
  • You agree to immediately report to ShopRite a lost or stolen ShopRite Price Plus® Club card.
  • You agree not to give, lend, or otherwise allow another individual or organization to use your ShopRite Price Plus® Club card for access to the Mobile Scan application.
  • The ShopRite Mobile Scan Terms & Conditions may be changed or updated from time to time, and for any reason. Each time significant changes or updates to the Terms & Conditions are made, you will receive a notification within the application itself, and/or be required to accept the current Terms & Conditions before you can use the application again.
  • ShopRite reserves the right to disable individuals’ and/or all customers’ use of the ShopRite Mobile Scan application at any time, with or without notice, and for any reason, including but not limited to misuse of the application.
  • All customer information will be treated in accordance with ShopRite’s privacy policy stated on ( For a complete copy of ShopRite’s privacy policy, you can visit the website or call 1-800-SHOPRITE (1-800-746-7748). ShopRite’s privacy policy may be changed or updated from time to time without notice to you. Information regarding the currency of the policy is reflected by the “last modified” notice at the bottom of the page containing the policy.
  • Nothing contained in these Terms & Conditions shall limit ShopRite in the exercise of its legal or equitable rights or remedies. ShopRite makes no warranties or representations, either express or implied, and expressly disclaims any and all liability (including consequential damages) with respect to type, quality or fitness of goods or services provided through the Price Plus® Club program and/or the Mobile Scan application. Use of the Mobile Scan application indicates your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions as well as any modifications made to them.