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Ordering Prescriptions

Can I have NEW first-time prescriptions filled online?

No, that feature is not available at this time. Simply drop-off first time prescriptions to your ShopRite Pharmacy or ask your physician to call. Once your prescription is entered into our system, future refills can be conveniently ordered online.

How can I check my refill status?

You cannot check the status of your refill online. However, when your prescription refill order has been entered into our system, you will receive a confirmation notice via your regular e-mail account. A subsequent e-mail will be sent when your order is complete and ready for pickup. We may contact you by phone, only if we have a question regarding your

I use the online grocery ordering service; do I pay at the Pharmacy or the Checkout for my prescription?

Currently all prescriptions are picked-up and paid for at the pharmacy. This remains true for our online customers as well

Can I request other products or over-the-counter drugs with my refill?

That feature is not available at this time. We are currently testing online grocery shopping in limited areas and hope to have this service available some time in the future.

Can I have my prescription mailed (shipped) to my house?

Orders that are placed online cannot be mailed to your home at this time. We hope to add this feature in the future.

In the past, I have used your phone service to refill my prescription. Is that service still available or do I have to go online?

Our telephone service is still available, either option is available for you at any time.

When will my prescription be ready?

It is our goal to have all prescriptions filled within an hour. However, if there are questions about your refill, or if the drug you’ve requested is temporarily out of stock, there may be a delay.

Can I go to ANY ShopRite Pharmacy to pick up my order?

No. You need to go to the pharmacy that filled your original prescription. The store location is indicated on your prescription bottle. If you want to transfer your prescription to another location, please speak to your Pharmacist.

What if my bottle does not display a store number?

You can find your store number by viewing the store locator. Click on the Pharmacy Locator tab and select the town in which your ShopRite Pharmacy is located. The store number will appear in the left column.

Do I have to be present to pick up my order or can I send a family member?

Anyone can pickup the order. If you are using a prescription benefit plan (insurance) they may be asked to sign for the prescription.

My label states that there are no refills. What should I do?

Some drugs are classified as controlled substances and require a physician to reissue the prescription. If your label states “no refills” please contact your doctor.

Order Status

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I received a message that my order cannot be processed because you “cannot locate the prescription number in your records” — what do I do now?

There may be a number of reasons why this may have occurred:   1) Your prescription may be new and not yet in our system. Please visit your ShopRite Pharmacist with your Doctor’s prescription or request that your physician phone in the order. 2) The prescription was originally filled at another ShopRite Pharmacy and the store (number) you selected does not have it on file. Call the Pharmacy and request a transfer of your prescription.  3) You may have inadvertently entered the wrong prescription number. Please try to request your order again.

I received a message that my order cannot be processed because it “cannot be refilled” — what do I do now?

A new prescription may be required. Please contact your Physician.

I received an e-mail confirmation, but I deleted it by accident; can I get another sent to me?

No. The e-mail notice you received is for your information only and not required for retrieving your order.

Can I order medical supplies online?

No, that service is not currently available online. See your store Pharmacist for information regarding supplies you may need.

Can I use my insurance with online refills?

Yes. When you filled the original prescription at the Pharmacy, you should have presented your prescription benefit card. If you have changed prescription plans since your last refill, please visit the Pharmacy prior to placing your online order so that the new information can be entered and your order filled properly.

My insurance information has changed, can I update this online?

No, that feature is not available at this time. Please visit the Pharmacy to present your new card.

Can I transfer my prescription to a different store online?

No. We are looking to add this feature to our site in the future.

Drug & Health Information

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How can I get answers to specific questions about a medication?

We have three ways for you to access drug information. 1) Visit the section of this website called “Drug Information” for a guide to a drug’s use, potential side effects, and storage. 2) Submit your question to our online Pharmacist. Go to the section on this Website called “Ask the Pharmacist” and your question will be answered within the next two business days. 3) Stop by or call your ShopRite Pharmacy and speak to your Pharmacist.

Where can I access price information?

Pricing information is not currently available online. Please contact your Pharmacist in person or by phone for pricing information.

Privacy & Security

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How do I know my information is secure?

The ShopRite Online Pharmacy uses a technology called Secure Socket Layers. This technology encrypts the information being sent over the Internet, making it virtually impossible for your information to be intercepted and used by someone else.

Why do you need my e-mail address?

We need your e-mail address to inform you of the status of your prescription order, so you’ll know when to come in and pick it up.

Store Locations

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How do I find my nearest ShopRite Pharmacy?

Click on the Pharmacy Locater to find the ShopRite Pharmacy nearest you.

How do I find out my Pharmacy’s hours?

Click on the Pharmacy Locator to find the Pharmacy nearest you and to view their store hours and available services.


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What is “Ask the Pharmacist?”

“Ask the Pharmacist” is a feature of this Website that allows you to submit a question to a registered Pharmacist and receive a reply within the next two business days. This is a service we offer to you, our most valued customer.

Who answers my questions from “Ask the Pharmacist?”

A pharmacist from the International Drug Information Center of the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy of Long Island University.

Should “Ask the Pharmacist” replace the advice of my Doctor?

No. This service is not a substitute for professional medical advice and is not intended to cover all possible uses, indications or adverse events. Your physician should be your primary source of medical information. If you have any questions or concerns about your medical health, you should contact your healthcare provider or physician.

If I have a question regarding this site, whom should I contact?

Please e-mail us your comments by clicking on the “Contact Us” button on the home page, or call us at 1(800)ShopRite.

What if my home address changes?

It is important that the personal information (address and telephone number) we have on file at the Pharmacy is current and up-to-date. Please notify the Pharmacy of any changes.