Gluten Free BBQ Season

 Gluten Free BBQ

BBQs are a hallmark of summer and grilling is a great way to cook quick and healthy meals. For people with Celiac disease or gluten intolerances, keep the tips below in mind to enjoy BBQs the gluten free (GF) way!


Prevent cross contamination: Gluten from previously cooked items can contaminate a grill so be sure to use a clean section of the grill to cook the gluten-free foods.  If that’s not an option, try wrapping the GF foods in aluminum foil to prevent them from touching the grates.


Be aware of common BBQ items that contain gluten such as buns, rolls and gluten-containing marinades or sauces.  Be sure to keep these separate from GF foods.


Bring your own GF bun. Many grilled favorites like hamburgers, chicken breast, fish and steak may be naturally GF (always check the packaging to be sure), but you might want to eat it on a GF bun or roll. A simple solution is to bring your own roll! If you want the roll toasted on the grill, remember to prevent cross contamination, it needs to be cooked on a clean section of the grill.


Make a GF side dish to share. Not only can this be a way to show your friends and family how tasty GF food can be, but it also guarantees that there will be something you can eat! Try preparing side dishes that use GF ingredients like quinoa, wild rice and beans.  They are not only delicious, they also contain protein and fiber, which can help fill you up.


Only use squeeze condiments. Mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, relish, and other condiments are only safe if they are both GF and uncontaminated. Cross-contamination can happen from crumbs falling into open jars or from someone’s utensil if they double-dip in the jar after smearing the condiment on their gluten-containing food.


When in doubt, leave it out. Taking chances if you have Celiac or other gluten intolerances is not a good idea. Always ask about ingredients and preparation methods. Cross-contamination can happen very easily, even with the best of intentions. Because of that, if you’re suspicious about cross-contamination or the accidental use of a gluten-containing ingredient, just pass on the dish!


Carefully monitor GF kids. Because food tends to be readily available at BBQs, make sure that children requiring a GF diet stick to the foods that are okay for them to eat. For young children, just keep gluten-containing food out of reach. For older kids, take the time to explain which foods are GF and which ones need to be avoided.