Cheese of the Week



Norway is rich in lush grassland where the cows thrive in sparsely populated areas and the rivers flow clear and clean from the mountain plateaus, conditions that make Norwegian milk among the finest in the world. And from fine milk comes fine cheese – the classic JARLSBERG WHEEL!

Named after the JARLSBERG estate family – for over 300 years one of the noblest houses in Norway – JARLSBERG is a semi-soft part skim cheese, with a mellow, nutty Swiss-like flavor. JARLSBERG cheese is always the right choice to both perk up everyday eating and give any festive occasion special flair.

Shred JARLSBERG into hot soup just before serving, dress up green or yellow vegetables with tiny cubes of JARLSBERG in place of butter, blend into hot mashed baked potatoes, and create sandwiches galore!

Anyway you slice it…. JARLSBERG makes it delicious!

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