The Cheese Board

The air is crisp, the leavings are turning and we’re getting ready to RUMBLE!  Speaking of rumbling – what better way to welcome Fall than with these scrumptious and delicious recipes! Baked Brie is delicate and delightful topped with savory and sweet combinations that will entice your pickiest dinner guest. Need a quick appetizer for your football potlucks?  Look no further than these Italian Cheese Puffs.  Serve with warm marinara and tomato sauces and robust beers for a tasty treat football fans will be tackling each other over! There’s nothing spooky about these amazingly bold and tangy blue cheese nachos!  Easy to whip up and perfect for munching on in between pumpkin carving and putting the finishing touches on your Halloween costumes.



La Paulina Reggianito

La Paulina Reggianito is a hard and compact cheese and is the most recommended grating cheese!  Originating from Argentina, this Italian-style cheese has origins from Italy.  “Reggianito” is the Spanish diminutive of “Reggiano” due to the wheels being produced in much smaller sizes than the huge Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano drums.  It’s strong flavor and aroma enhance pasta dishes, casseroles and is delicious when sprinkled onto pizza.

El Cortijo Iberico

El Cortijo® Iberico cheese provides a trifecta of milk flavors. Iberico combines the acidity of cow’s milk, the sharpness of goat’s milk and the intensity of sheep’s milk for a unique, buttery flavor. Featuring a hatched pattern imprinted on its black rind, this firm, aromatic cheese makes a lovely presentation.



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