December 23, 2014

Holiday Entertaining Made Easy With ShopRite

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The time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is very busy for most families. In that short period our family typically hosts several gatherings. In addition, friends and family can stop by at a moment’s notice.

I’ve found that I’m more relaxed when I have food and drinks on hand at all times during the season. I can pull out my holiday-themed dishes and make an impressive spread in less than 15 minutes with no cooking. Here are some products I buy at ShopRite and always keep on hand for quick entertaining:

  • ShopRite Imported Breadsticks, Water Crackers, and Flatbreads – Great addition to your fruit and cheese platter
  • Dried fruits and nuts – Figs, raisins, cherries, walnuts, almonds and others have a long shelf life and will last you through the holiday baking and entertaining season.
  • ShopRite Apple Cider – It’s the basis for my Spiced Cider. You can serve this with or without alcohol. I make a batch and pour it into a thermal carafe for easy serving.
  • ShopRite Canned Sweet Potatoes – Just swap mashed sweet potatoes for the pumpkin in my Yummy Pummy Bread recipe and you have a fresh, moist quick bread that will make your home smell heavenly.
  • Assorted cheeses – ShopRite has a nice selection of cheese. Pick out a few favorites or try something new. It’s easy to make your own cheese platter.
  • Check your ShopRite bakery for desserts. – All ShopRite stores have great selections. The Kenny Family ShopRite Stores in Delaware sell a fantastic sweet potato cake.  Everyone will think you baked!


I recently hosted a meeting for my knit and crochet group and almost all of the food came from ShopRite. We had an impressive spread and a good time and I didn’t have to cook anything or make another trip to the store. Stock up on these favorites and you’ll always be ready for company.

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