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German Chocolate Bars

Chocolate, Raisin, Pecan Granola Bars

Chocolate Eclair Dessert Pudding

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A Chocolate Date Night

This Valentine’s Day say “I love you” with a romantic and healthy dinner for two that features the holiday’s classic treat – chocolate!

Chocolate and Your Health
Did you know that eating a small amount of dark chocolate may actually provide you with health benefits? Chocolate comes from the cacao plant, and cacao is a rich source of flavonoids, which act as an antioxidant. The antioxidants found in cocoa are similar to those found in red wine, some forms of tea, and cranberries, and are thought to have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Dark chocolate and cocoa powder contain the highest concentrations of these antioxidants, but don’t’ forget they still contain fat, sugar, and calories. For this reason it is important to enjoy each in moderation.

Here is a fun way to add a sensible amount of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and cocoa powder to your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Cocoa and Coffee Rub
This is a great way to flavor your favorite cut of meat without adding salt. Steak rubs work well with red meats because they will not interfere with the natural meat flavor. A rub should be applied right before cooking. You can make this rub ahead of time and store in the refrigerator. For this dish a lean cut of meat is recommended like flank steak, sirloin, or London broil.

  • 2 Tbsp ground coffee (unflavored)
  • 1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • 2 tsp oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Combine the coffee, cocoa powder and cinnamon. Mix in a shallow dish. Rub the steak with oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Pat the rub onto all sides of the steak and grill.

Strawberry Salad with Balsamic Chocolate Dressing
The dressing for this salad does not include oil, making it low in total fat. Melted dark chocolate is used to balance the acidity of the balsamic vinegar.

  • 1 bag pre-washed baby field greens
  • 1 cup sliced strawberries


  • 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup (25g or two squares) dark chocolate, 75% pure

To make the dressing, add balsamic vinegar and sugar to a small saucepan over low heat until sugar dissolves. Remove pan from heat and add in chocolate until melted. Leave to cool at room temperature. Do not refrigerate or dressing will solidify. Toss strawberries and greens with dressing.

Frozen Delights

Frozen Delights

Did you know that the freezer aisle of your local ShopRite is packed full of healthy choices? frozenYou can create delicious meals with frozen vegetables, meat, or seafood. The freezer even offers some great side dishes like rice, grains and potatoes. And don’t forget about the single serve, instant entrees: pizza, veggie burgers and frozen soups.

Here’s a rundown of some of our frozen favorites!

Skip the Prep

Frozen vegetables take all the hassle out of the prep work. No more cleaning, slicing or dicing. What’s even better, you can buy frozen vegetable blends, which include different varieties and combinations, to add more flavor, color and nutrition to meals.
Center of the Plate

Frozen cuts of meat, lean beef or turkey burgers, and fish fillets make it easy to add protein to your meal. Plus many items are vacuum packed in single serving portions so you can take out just what you need. Looking for a vegetarian option, choose one of the varieties of vegetable burgers like Dr. Praegers, Morningstar, or Boca.

Speedy Sides

Protein and vegetables – check. But what about grains? We got that covered too! There are many options to choose from like brown or wild rice, quinoa, and red, white or sweet potatoes.

Sweet Endings

What’s a meal without dessert? There are a lot of better-for-you sweet treats in the frozen foods aisle. Look for lower-fat frozen ice cream varieties or reduced-fat ice cream bars and cones. You can also opt for frozen fruit and pair with low-fat pudding or cool whip. If portion control is a concern, try the single serve frozen desserts. One of our favorites is Dole Dippers – frozen bananas or strawberries covered in dark chocolate.

Meal Solutions

Looking for a whole meal in minutes? If you’re dining alone, choose one of the healthier single serve entrees (that are lower in fat and sodium). Luvo meals and flatbreads, Artisan Bistro and Healthy Choice Café Steamers are some of our favorites. If you’re looking for a larger meal, try one of the healthier meal starters. Most require you to just add your protein of choice for a healthy, complete dinner in minutes.
Here are just a few more reasons to love frozen foods:

  • Frozen foods, like fruits and vegetables are just as healthy as fresh since they’re frozen at the peak of freshness, locking in their nutritional value.
  • They are a budget-friendly option since most frozen items are not subject to seasonal price changes, keeping their cost consistent.   Plus, frozen foods have a longer shelf life giving you less chance for waste.
  • Many frozen items come in single serving sizes, which makes them great for small families or if you’re dining alone.

So don’t forget to head down the freezer aisle next time you stop at your local ShopRite.



Lucy’s Products

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Lucy’s, maker of gluten-free and allergy-friendly baked goods, has had a hand in transforming the gluten-free market since 2007, when Lucy’s cookies first hit store shelves. Dr. Lucy Gibney, an Emergency Physician and now also a Food Industry Executive and Entrepreneur, started the company to address food allergy concerns in her family and in doing so has helped others as well.

At the time that Lucy’s launched in 2007, there were not many tasty gluten-free options available. After literally trying every gluten-free flour on the market, Dr. Gibney came up with her own special gluten-free flour blend, which includes oat, garbanzo, potato starch, tapioca, sorghum, and fava. The flour blend, which she calls “magic,” is quite unique and leads to the perfect balance of taste, texture, and nutrition. Lucy’s blend is packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. Lucy’s products are so delicious and high quality because the company uses the best ingredients available, including very high quality vegan margarine and organic cane sugar.

With a mission of “baking life better”, Lucy’s provides customers with a selection of healthy, convenient, tasty treats. Lucy’s currently offers a variety of flavors of gluten-free, allergy-friendly cookies—Chocolate Chip, Ginger Snap, Cinnamon Thin, Sugar, and Oatmeal—packaged in 5.5 ounce boxes. Select flavors are also available in snack sizes, which are perfect for lunchboxes and snacks on the go.

This winter Lucy’s will be introducing its Triple Chocolate Brownie Crisp, featuring a delicious mix of 72 percent dark chocolate chunks, chocolate chips, cocoa, and Madagascar vanilla. This decadent treat is a symphony of deep, rich chocolate flavor with a satisfying crisp snap. Even so, there are only 100 calories for three crisps. (This new dessert will first be available in a 4.5 oz. pouch with a resealable top.) Like all Lucy’s products, these Brownie Crisps are gluten free and allergy friendly as they are made without wheat, dairy milk, butter, eggs, casein, peanuts, or tree nuts.

The increasing availability of gluten-free food items is great for people who cannot eat wheat, barley, and/or rye. Still, Dr. Gibney understands that a gluten-free diet means certain challenges with eating out, traveling, social occasions, and definitely with convenience food purchasing. “At Lucy’s, we truly love providing delicious desserts to people who are either living with special diets or are just looking for a better-for-you option,” said Lucy’s Founder and Chairman, Dr. Lucy Gibney. “Launching the new Brownie Crisp not only expands our line but gives health conscious consumers another option for a scrumptious gluten-free dessert.”

Dr. Gibney has really enjoyed being part of the gluten-free growth surge. When she and her husband attended the Fancy Food Show in 2006 and decided to launch Lucy’s, part of their confidence came from the many conversations they overheard about the need for more gluten-free products in the market place. Well, gluten free has arrived.

For more information about Lucy’s, please visit:

Gluten Free Stocking Stuffers

Pollyannas, advent calendars, stockings: the holiday season is full of smaller gift exchanges that are often food-based. If you’re shopping for someone on a gluten-free diet, you can still find plenty of fun and delicious items. Here are just a few perfectly sized products that fit the bill and, better yet, can be found at your local ShopRite!


Kind Bars (try Strong & Kind for savory snack, or one of the sweeter bars with less than 6g sugar)

ThinkThin protein bars

Superseedz Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds

Wonderful brand nuts (almonds, pistachios, etc.)

Sensible Foods freeze-dried fruit



Bai5 Antioxidant Drinks

Bigelow tea bags and k-cups

Celestial Seasonings tea

Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa (or, make your own with some canning jars, cocoa powder, and a bit of sugar!)



Enjoy Life chocolate bars

Schar cookies (the vanilla sandwich cremes are our favorite)

Suncups (think, a gluten-free option for Reese’s lovers)

Endangered Species chocolate

GoNaturally candies


When in doubt, keep an eye out for ShopRite’s new shelf tag system, which highlights various nutrient claims – including gluten free – for all relevant products throughout the store.

Don’t forget about all of the fun non-food items! Gift cards, gloves and socks, arts & crafts, small books, kitchen gadgets, quality mugs, and even new techie items can all be found at ShopRite and help take the focus away from food altogether.

No matter which of these fantastic products you choose for stuffing your stockings, we hope your holidays are “filled to the brim” with health, happiness, and wonderful new memories!

For more tips, information and healthy recipes, visit the Health and Wellness section of

31 Days of Wellness


Don’t let December feel like a lost cause for health and wellness! Follow this “31 Day Challenge of simple, healthy choices and keep on track to meet your healthy lifestyle goals.

  1. Replace at least one caloric beverage (soda, juice, wine, etc.) with water.
  2. Add one serving (1 cup raw or ½ cup cooked) of vegetables to dinner.
  3. Start your day with a positive affirmation (for example, “I love myself for exactly who I am,” ).
  4. Turn off all electronics at least 1hr before bed.
  5. Take at least 5 minutes to quietly reflect on your day.
  6. Add a 15 minute walk after dinner to your regular physical activity.
  7. Eat a piece of fruit paired with 2 tablespoons of nuts for your mid-afternoon snack.
  8. Cook a big batch of veggie-packed stew on Sunday and enjoy for lunch throughout the week.
  9. Before reaching for food, ask yourself if you’re really hungry. If the answer is no, nourish what is actually feeling empty instead (e.g. read a book if you’re bored, take a bubble bath if stressed).
  10. Schedule that doctor’s visit, dentist appointment, blood work, etc., you’ve been putting off!
  11. Craving something sweet? Try a square or two of dark chocolate.  Remember to practice portion control and stick to a one or two square portion!
  12. Sit down to meals without distractions (phones, TVs, laptops, books, etc.)
  13. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.
  14. Cook a batch of plain oats to reheat for the week — sweetened with fruit, cinnamon and vanilla.
  15. Set an alarm to get up and move, even just to stretch, once every hour.
  16. Give your salt shaker the cold shoulder today. Try herbs and lemon juice for flavor instead!
  17. Swap in one whole grain (whole-wheat bread or pasta, wild rice, quinoa) for a “white” or refined grain today (white bread, white rice, regular pasta).
  18. Instead of using butter, try olive or canola oil for cooking.
  19. If the stress is building (or not!), find at least one extra excuse to laugh.
  20. Use ShopRite’s new nutrition shelf tag program to help you make nutritious choices while you shop.
  21. Making a sandwich? Try a thin smear of avocado instead of mayo or cheese.
  22. Forget about sizes: choose something to wear that flatters you and makes you feel great!
  23. Hug someone you care about.
  24. Instead of focusing on the food, direct your energy to the people with whom you’re celebrating.
  25. Wait at least 10 minutes before going for seconds at a party or the holiday meal.
  26. Go a little overboard yesterday? Get right back on track today by starting with a healthy breakfast.
  27. Spend the day walking around town to take advantage of holiday sales.
  28. Write down all the negative thoughts you have in one day, then replace them with positive ones.
  29. Clear out the house of leftover holiday treats by sharing them with coworkers.
  30. Make a plan for your New Year’s celebration: what will tempt you? How will you respond?
  31. Make your SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound) goals for January!

Bonus challenge: build on each day throughout the month rather than viewing the daily goals in isolation. For example, on Day One replace one caloric beverage with water, then on Day Two add in a serving of vegetables and replace another caloric beverage with water.

Above all else, remember that no matter what you celebrate, December is the perfect time to take a moment to appreciate all of the people and opportunities in your life that mean the world to you. Enjoy and have a Happy and a Healthy New Year!